Project Management

A good project management saves time and money

Your organization is facing a major project or a number of various projects around accounting. In addition, there is an international relation, such as cross-border capital market transaction or a GAAP conversion to IFRS or US GAAP. Internal resources are already locked up by operational project activities and are not available for process-independent oversight tasks in the course of project roll-out.

Often times accomplishment of the project management is crucial for the success of the project as a whole. Equally, project management has a significant impact on the extent and thereby total costs of the overall project.

Talk to us if you are seeking for a trustful and dedicated partner fulfilling such serious tasks. We are fully committed to justify your trust placed in us at any time.

Our services:

  • Project planning in relation to personnel, timing and content matters
  • Exact communication of requirements and work assumptions to project teams, also abroad
  • Permanent coordination of project activities in cases of content- and time-wise correlations
  • Inclusion of foreign group companies into project roll-out
  • Independent, content-wise control and steering of (part-) projects and thereby allowing most-efficient use of resources
  • Time-management: setting milestones and overseeing their adherence as well as review of budget-to-actual review of time budgets from an independent perspective
  • Ongoing project status overview: focused and current reporting to decision making bodies in project steering committee on status and current hot topics

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