12 March 2015

International Business Auren March 2015

Please click here to find information on:

• ANDORRA. The special regime applicable for new investments depreciation in Corporate Income Tax

• ARGENTINA. Branches of foreign companies and Personal Property Tax, a long controversy finally solved by the Supreme Court

• COLOMBIA. IFRS in Colombia

• CROATIA. UK and Croatia signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

• CYPRUS. Russia's Deoffshorization Law and Cyprus companies

• GERMANY. Tightening of the German Income Tax Act on moving abroad

• INDIA. Location savings

• ISRAEL. The new double taxation treaty between Germany and Israel

• ITALY. Italy: Voluntary disclosure of assets and income

• MEXICO. New rules on dividens taxation

• THE NETHERLANDS. The Innovation box, an alternative to reduce your effective tax rate

• PORTUGAL. Groups of Companies. Portuguese Corporate Income Tax Code adapts to recent case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union

• UNITED KINGDOM. Holding Companies & VAT

• URUGUAY. Bearer shares

• SPAIN. Important note on tax refund claims paid for inheritance or gift tax by non residents in Spain

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