20 June 2017

Auren Business Forum 2017: Up-to-Date information for your international business activities

After last year's success of the first Auren Business Forum, we set the stage for the second round in September 2017, this time with an extended international orientation. The forum is addressed to managers and executives of German companies that operate internationally or will do so in the near future.

Welcome to the Auren Business Forum 2017

For medium-sized companies the internationlisation of their business activtities means new opportunities in foreign markets, but also different legal systems and business cultures. Therefore, it is essential to plan international activities strategically and to adapt continuously to ever changing framework conditions.

Where does one find the main opportunities of internationalisation at present? What are possible risks and how to avoid them? Which current legal and fiscal changes need to be taken into account regarding international business activities?

The Auren Business Forum 2017 will offer comprehensive information about these topics. There will be presentations about cross-border issues as well as specific presentations about Russia, China, Brazil, and the USA. You will be able to ask questions about your individual case at our country fair with advisors from the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, China and the US. In private advisory sessions, your issues can be discussed in a more detailed way. The event is rounded off by an exciting keynote speech by a pilot explaining the parallels between medium-sized companies and aviation as well as the possibillity for extensive networking in a pleasent atmosphere.

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