Valuation of companies

It is the process by which we seek to determine the market value of a company or group of companies.

Usually involves:

  • Relieve the company to selectively identify key value drivers / risks;
  • Investigate the market outlook in general and the company in particular;
  • Make projections of results and expected cash flows;
  • Compare the current and expected performance with that of other companies in the industry;
  • Determine the value through the method of discounted cash flow and use of multipliers usual industry / segment;
  • To analyze these results in one or more environments. To determine the sensitivity to changes in the value of the main drivers of the company;
  • Conduct a strategic analysis (EJ: SWOT).

The main reasons for a valuation are:

  • Provide information to determine whether or not to initiate a sale process;
  • Lack of agreement between an outgoing partner and other remains;
  • Difficulty in determining the value of a company which will be purchase;
  • Determining the relative value of two or more companies on mergers;
  • Spin-offs;
  • Have solid elements and justify the value in case of a bargain purchase / sale has already started.

Valuation of companies services

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