19 September 2018


In this second edition, ExpoConexa returns to position itself as the most important industrial exhibition in the interior of Argentina. The countdown has already begun for the second edition of Expo Conexa, which comes with new proposals, more exhibition spaces and new axes integrating construction, industry, technology and a special sector for the first Expo Desarrollos Inmobiliarios. The latter will have a focus on sustainability, development, innovation, investment and the future of the region.

The appointment is from September 13 to 16 at the Maipú Arena. The more than one hundred local, national and international exhibitors will occupy an area of more than 10,000 m2, distributed between the stadium, the halls and the exterior of the complex located 15 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza.

Organized by Grupo Folder and Lead Consultora, Expo Conexa has the support of the Government of Mendoza and has been declared of provincial and national interest, in addition to having the support of the Government of San Juan, the Industrial Union of Mendoza, Association of Businessmen of the Rodríguez Peña, College of Architects of Mendoza, College of Surveying, Real Estate Professional Council of the Province of Buenos Aires, National University of Cuyo, Consulate of Chile in Mendoza, Argentine Embassy in Chile, Chilean-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Argentine Chamber of Commerce -Chilena, Adimra, among others.

The objective is to provide an important commercial space to the construction sector, industry, technology and real estate development. The idea is to provide the right tools to develop together with the companies and institutions that have the interest to contribute new ideas and that wish to accompany a sustained growth of the province, the country and the whole region, with greater commitment, training and professionalism, hand in hand with new commercial proposals.

This second edition comes with a renewed scenario, where it broadens the range of proposals to other economic sectors that also have a large influence on the productive matrix.

The exhibition is aimed at suppliers of materials and services, construction companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, developers, real estate, chambers and entities, investors, oil and mining companies, traders, entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, architecture, engineering and land surveying , students, institutions and the general public.


Within the framework of Expo Conexa, on Friday the 14th there will be a "Business Roundtable", called Connect, created with the possibility that companies can join in search of business or strategic alliances. These are methodically planned meetings supported by the Connect # 1 software that will facilitate the registration, assembly and synchronization of agendas, allowing participants to agree on more productive meetings.

It will take place in the Los Olivos del Arena Maipú room, from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 16.

It promises to be a unique meeting, where more than 200 companies will participate, interacting among them to generate potential links and business opportunities.

All these characteristics make Expo Conexa 2018 an unprecedented event and an emblem in the business world, with the aim of positioning the region as a pole of investment and economic activities.

From the organization explained that registration is now available for companies that want to participate in the business conference on the website: https://ruedasdenegocios.com/e...

Different companies and institutions make Expo Conexa 2018 an unprecedented event and an emblem in the business world with the aim of positioning the region as a pole of investment and economic activities.

Among them are: Case-Delfer Construction, Last Mile, Himan, Kristich Developments, Knauf, Journal Los Andes, Government of Mendoza, Government of San Juan, Machena, Extrabrut, Acerolatina, Wesinger, Chacras Park, New Panel, Chirino Industries, Insur Seguros, Energe, Tinsel, Paintings and Coatings MAC, Santiago Debé, MYM Properties, Horus Geo, Invictus Security, Bonomini, Kaupe Foundation, UNCuyo, Daicon Construction, Megal Aberturas, Enfer SA, Maza Electrical Solutions, Tirenti Lighting, Arcut, Laguiaindustrial .com.

There are also: VOC Constructions, Hidrogas, Digital Concomitance, Big Dipper, Tecnopex, Kume Newem, Hydrobombs, Quimex, Dosa, The Furniture Fountain, Wall Paintings, Ok Industrial, Sinai Group, Auren, RK Autoelevadores, Mares Desarrollos, Gassull Ceramics, Tolin Machinery, Romeco, Log Home, Sustainable Bioarchitecture, Aconcagua Software, Next, Tusobreros.com, Heinz Loos, Ariel Cortez, Serprisa, Solar Bamboo, Consec, Cornerstone, Copyle Accessories, Scranton Mza, San Luis Thermal, Zinca2, Konstrucorp, De Pascale, Me Cubro, Edison Energy Efficiency, Pauny, Energys, MS Argentina, Miter Copying Center, Camza, Aderpe, Scrum Patrimonial Solutions, Strategic Energy, Entre Planos Magazine, Petrochemical, Metalworking Magazine, Mercado Vial.com, Big Media, School of Real Estate Public Brokers of Mendoza, College of Surveying, Corporation of Realtors and Realtors of the Province of Buenos Aires, Unique College of Real Estate Brokers of Bu enos Aires (Cucicba) and the Superior Council of Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers of the Province of Buenos Aires.


Under the Connected Community concept, training sessions, product demonstrations, workshops, business rounds and important forums will be held.

13/9. 14 to 21. Forum of the Construction & real estate with an axis in the sustainability, the development, the present and the future of the construction, the real estate and the real estate market. They integrate the panel: arq. Damián Tabackman (pte. Of the Urban Development Entrepreneurial Chamber), dr. Luis Enrique Abatti (Pte. Of the Chamber of Owners of the Argentine Republic), Armando Pepe (pte. Of the Sole College of Realtors of the CABA), Fabián Acerbo (pte. Of the Pergamino Departmental Real Estate Brokers Association and director of the College and Pension Fund of the Province of Buenos Aires), arch. Alfredo Bollón (pte. Of the Corporation of Realtors and Realtors), arch. José Rozados (director of Real Estate Report), Santiago Debé (director of Santiago Debe Propiedades), arch. Lucas Clariá (general director of Spósito y Asociados) and the ing. Fernando Porreta (pte. Grupo Ceosa) among others.

14/9. First Business Round "Connect". Unique meeting, where more than 200 companies will participate, interacting to generate potential links and business opportunities.

9/15 14 to 18. Industrial Conference. Made up of different blocks such as "The role of women in the industry" and the "Panel of the Industrial Union of Mendoza".

9/15 18.30. Panel of Intendants. The leaders of the main municipalities of the province will give their vision about the Mendoza of the future, tell their progress and projects of infrastructure, urbanism, sustainability, productivity, technological advances, tourism and economic.

16/9. 14.30 to 18. Innovation Day. The axis will be placed in the Technology, with references such as Juan Pablo Cerva Frif (specialist in technology with International trajectory, current gte of Eventbrite). "Corporate Wellbeing will continue as an axis of innovation and productivity in Companies", with the help of Big Bienestar and the Argentine Association of Happiness and Organizational Wellbeing. It will close "Corporate Social Responsibility and System B" with references counting on the presence of Valos and Mendoza + B

Inscription. To visit the exhibition and / or participate in activities and forums you can register without charge until 12/9 by entering www.expoconexa.com.ar and completing the registration form

https: //losandes.com.ar/articl ...

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