CSR at Auren

There is a great deal of public debate about the "responsibility of business in society". The term "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) is now commonly used worldwide. This is nothing new to us, however, and we are delighted that more and more companies are catching on. We are aware of our responsibilities and are happy to fulfil our obligations. Taking responsibility for society is an integral part of our corporate strategy at auren and this is practised and supported by the management and all the staff.

When going about our daily business we consider the interests of our staff, our customers and our suppliers, as well as those of local groups. We seek to have a positive impact on society and to build strong communities in the localities where we are based. Here at auren we have been pursuing this holistic approach to social and collective responsibility with growing enthusiasm for many years – fully in keeping with our slogan "together for your success".

In Auren Argentina over 25 years we work to give back to society part of what has given us does. Our main line of work is poverty and from there we support actions in education, disability, etc.

Our three responsibilities:

  • Volunteers committed to improving the quality of life of others;


Address to sustainable growth;

Networking with NGOs, customers, suppliers and parishes.

Our actions

Teaming: A joint initiative with the aim of helping others through micro donations for a social cause. This is the value to team.

La Cava "House of Galilee": House of Galilee is a Center of Human Development and Family working for and with families of Villa La Cava de San Isidro. Since its inception it was proposed aimed at facilitating "the promotion and development of people."

Parish of Our Lady of Help: We support the church, working for social inclusion and poverty and aligned to the message of Pope Francisco.

We provide: Wage Settlement - Settlement charges. Social - Making union payrolls.

Cooperativa La Juanita: The Unemployed Workers Movement MTD La Matanza, is formed by a group of people who organized since 1995 to provide a solution to the labor and social problems of his party. They began to build and develop their own Prolific, Educational and Social developments such as Textile workshops, Screenprinting and recycling computers, a bakery, a community garden, a publishing, and various social programs.

Values to Grow Foundation: NGO founded by professionals and businessmen, who spreads and promotes ethical values. Values to Grow Foundation is to empower proposal on the essential skills of everyone: good habits, virtues and values such as proactivity, teamwork, professionalism and pride in a job well done.

Foundation for Social Integration Oscar Alvarado: The central objectives the Foundation are working to create spaces for dialogue to discuss and build trust with the various actors in society, support educational projects oriented to social integration, and joint between the private sphere , companies 'recovered' and cooperatives to generate work towards mutual benefits.

Open Hands Foundation: Foundation created in 1999 whose mission is to dignify people in vulnerable situations.

With its motto "love and serve", seeking to improve their quality of life by relieving and relaxing the conditions of poverty, pain and suffering shortages. Christian-based, Open Hands works in eight cities in seven provinces.

We give advice and we are part of the committee of directors of the Delegation of the Foundation's headquarters in Cordoba.

Fishing Foundation: An organization of civil society non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote and implement actions aimed at strengthening the link between education, youth and employment.

We support educational and labor integration of vulnerable children. We provide theoretical training in our facilities and conduct practices with rotating people in different areas.

CEC: Committed Companies Club: Club formed by companies for the inclusion of people with disabilities in jobs.

We are members of the Club of Committed Companies in order to support the integration of persons with disabilities.

Foundation DISCAR: Work with people with intellectual disabilities to develop their skills, promoting their social inclusion and / or labor. We support the work integration for people with disabilities.

Crescere Foundation Foundation dedicated to educating and empowering parents, children and adolescents.

Assist in the Preparation of Balance from office AUREN Mendoza.

Foundation Food Bank: The Food Bank is a non-profit organization that seeks to be a bridge between the hungry and those desiring to work through a transparent and efficient channel that ensures that your donation will reach those most need.

Caritas: "Caritas Christmas boxes" EVE prepared together boxes for families who live in a situation of poverty; sharing not only a holiday dinner, but also approaching and knowing the reality of the family, not only material needs but to feel loved and recognized.


Civil Action Chain Association Annual Audit

Mother Teresa of Calcutta: Working for social inclusion and poverty with the school succeeding in giving the best education for the poorest.

Committee Member

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