4 March 2019

A professional by your side

In Colombia the day of the accountant is celebrated on March 1, because of this, I have been asked why I consider this profession important, and my response was: "the accounting professional is one of the great assets of good administration in companies".

We find entrepreneurs or consummate businessmen who have the knowledge, experience and skills to carry out their profession, however, many of these people are not aware of administrative, accounting or financial issues, not to mention legal procedures and tax issues. This is the main reason why business owners should have an accounting professional on their side; that, in any case, help them with the processing of media of economic transactions. Also, they provide information that allows managers to make decisions about their business. In addition, most of these professionals are not only in providing the information, they also have the necessary skills and experience to be able to advise the managers in making decisions that affect the good direction of the business they run.

Michael Jordan said: "Talent wins matches, but teamwork and intelligence win championships", for this reason a leader must be accompanied by intelligent people and experience to help him achieve his goals.

Being at the head of a team is one of the biggest challenges in companies, because the results depend on a high percentage of the human team and the way it is managed, so it is important to consider the following recommendations:

1. Analyze the type of leadership you exercise:

  •  Natural 
  • Autocratic 
  • Democratic 
  • Charismatic 
  • Transactional 
  • Liberal 
  • Transformational

2. Choose professionals who have experience and knowledge (even greater than yours).

3. A requirement must be that the way people work should be compatible with their type of leadership.

4. Socialize the career plan that each person has in the team and in the company.

5. Analyze and establish the strengths of the people chosen and trace a work route that potentializes them.

6. Determine the weaknesses of the selected people, generating coaching processes that result on fading of these points.

7. Perform a review of these last points, at least once a year.

It will always be decisive and valuable that whoever runs the companies possess a type of transformational leadership, for this reason, it is very pertinent that the team leader imposes challenges to become the leader that people and companies need.

Diego Charry, partner in Auren Colombia

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