15 March 2018

Goaloriented Managment

Lucius Annaeus Seneca said: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

Know your Habour! – Know your Goal!

In business we settle goals. This can be done as a specific data or a process. A specific data e.g. is an amount for the annual sales. Besides, the development of a specific innovative solution or the construction of a department for international sales are examples for targeted processes.

Choose for the right boat! - Set your standards!

In business we decide for application and observance of principles and methods. For example we are working with budgets and the minimum principle of economy: We would like to achieve a certain amount annual sales with minimum funds. Hence we are focusing on cost reduction. Alternatively we can follow the maximum principal of economy e.g. by fixing a budget and working towards market presentations in a maximum number of Asian countries as possible within a certain period.

There is always a way! – Take your advantage!

In business we are looking for alternative options and their conditions. We are evaluating them and are chosing for the advantages.

Reach your goal! – Make the step!

After you set your goal, you put in place the right standards and you prepared the way, from there on it all will depend on each of your step only. A marathon run consists out of 42 kilometer and each inch of it should be run well. At the start of a marathon there is no runner who is thinking of the finish. The finish is the logical outcome of 42 successful kilometers.

Translated to business management it means:

  • Carefully prepare and settle your processes
  • Maintain a high grade of consciousness about each status of the process phases
  • Keep on conducting a critical and revolving process of controlling

Out of the author’s personal experience success needs 20% concentration on target determination and 80% concentration on process management or like Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group said:

1st class idea + 3rd class execution < 3rd class idea + 1st class execution!

Stephen Schwedler Certified Tax Consultant, Auren Germany

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