12 July 2016


Entire consulting process is approved by the client when it is autoconvence that the consultant actually has experience and expertise. And all process consulting is successful when the client, at the end, recognizes that this process has led to a higher State of growth.

There are 4 variables from the perspective of the consultant and 4 variables from the perspective of the client. Adding both, here are the eight variables that guarantee success in consulting:

Commercially speaking customer we will not purchase (products and services) If you do not wake up trust and credibility. These two variables are correlated directly and proportionately with the knowledge and experience that we demonstrate to the client, and giving them total peace of mind to do (close) business. At this point the trust and credibility "have taken over" customer and this is when the business is closed

Once we started to work for our client have seen (show) results so it give us continuity. Continuity in the contract.

Knowledge: Create Trust

Experience: Awake Credibility

The results: Guarantee Continuity

But, in spite of all the knowledge, experience and results, as a result of all the activity and interdisciplinary support we provide to the client, it still waiting for higher growth. Growth is not given but as a step by step and by a very close and permanent interconnection, interconnectivity and interaction between the variables mentioned starting at the upper end of the left column (Knowledge) and ending at the lower end of the right column (Growth).

Objectivity: allows Growth

But, where is there a short circuit between the consultant and the client? In the last row. But this blanket to both parts. A consultant without professional objectivity decrease economic growth, of itself and of the same client, and therefore, can lead to the latter, does not renewed the contract. The same can happen to the consultant: If the client does not have a proper managerial objectivity, there is no mood to continue serving you.

The column on the left, in simple terms, suggests that knowledge more experience give results, but that they do not guarantee continuity and growth if there are faults in the objectivity...

In absolute terms from the right column we learn to apply!, that the trust and credibility that we have depends on our continuity and, consequently, our growth.

Adolfo Herrera Bernal, Senior Consultant, Auren Colombia

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