21 June 2016


At present, companies need to periodically analyse and adapt their competition strategies to a world open to challenges and opportunities but also to threats. Services are increasingly specialised to help such companies face various needs and adjust to the degree of turbulence of the economy and swift changes in the environment caused by technological innovation and market globalisation.

Consultancy is an important component of the business world, a key element in the process of innovation, growth and development. Apart from its own adaptation to the new requirements of an increasingly globalised market, the consultancy world has always been with the company, accompanying it in its transformation process towards new forms of management and procedures, defining of functions and responsibilities, assisting it in the use and handling of new tools, resources and techniques.

The challenge of helping companies to transform and be competitive in an environment of innovation and constant change is assumed by Consultancy as a chance to progress. The task is to understand what is happening in the world and in the companies, hence the opportunities which open up. There should be a constant self-adaptation process to advances in technology, communication, processes and innovation, as well as access to data, new trends and the internalisation which leads to understanding the culture of each place and the way of doing business.

The difference is in putting oneself in the shoes of a businessperson with employees, and not a vendor of a commodity. The businessperson needs an integrated solution with added value. The consultant should understand the “whole" of a company and thus provide multidisciplinary services. From helping to define the strategy, vision, mission and values to analysing competitors, advising on alliances, on company takeovers/mergers or purchases, defining functions and responsibilities, identifying talent, assisting with and implementing technology tools, developing quality control, safety and environmental procedures, providing attitudinal skills, as well as helping with financing and business development.

Mariano Alvarado, Partner Auren Buenos Aires

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